Sunday, January 13, 2019

The apocalypse last time

Bright Insight is further out on the fringe than Graham Hancock (although probably less so than ´Oumuamua Guy or the people who believe in the Blue Avians) and this clip contains statements that almost made me fell from my chair...but I´m going to link to it anyway because of the Young Dryas Impact Event presentation, which I strongly suspect is true.

But the Western Idea of Progress is true, right? We are the crown of creation, right? The most important part of the universe, right? 

That´s where you´re wrong, kiddo... 


  1. There is some more here, in an earlier videoclip from Mr Bright.

  2. Somebody called Positive Thinker posted this on YouTube (as a comment to the clip linked in the previous comment).


    Here's joke for you:

    An American archaeologist digs down 20 feet and finds ancient copper cable and declares that American had telecommunications 100 years ago.

    Not to be outdone, a British archaeologist digs down 40 feet and finds ancient copper cable and declares that Britain had telecommunications 150 years ago.

    Not wanting to be left out, an Australian archaeologist dug down 60 feet and found nothing. The next day he declared that 200 years ago Australia had already gone wireless.