Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Atheism redux

OK, let´s see if I get this straight.

The basic building blocks of life are created inside stellar clouds. When supernovas explode, the entire galaxy is basking in cosmic radiation. These cosmic rays trigger mutations among living organisms on Earth, and hence are necessary for evolution. Evolution leads to the emergence of a creature with creative intelligence that can experience Meaning, Love and Morality. It can also experience Spirit.

But God doesn´t exist, right?


  1. This will never happen, so by their own standards, religion will never disappear.


  2. Over ten minutes have passed since I posted this, and yet no comments from angry atheists? Imagine the same posting on a desolate blog circa 2005, ha ha ha! :D

  3. God is dead, doesn´t exist and won´t save you from being eaten by worms and be recycled as highly potent uranium used in a war between two intelligent civilizations descended from octopi. There, I said it. Satisfied?

  4. Let me guess, the octopi are really green lobsters named Esmeralda and Keith?