Friday, February 22, 2019

We have reached such levels

One of the weirdest memes spread on Twitter and elsewhere during the 2016 Trump campaign was the claim that Donald Trump will "complete the system of German Idealism by deriving all its principles from an Absolute Ground". The meme was illustrated by portraits of Hegel, Schelling, Fichte and...Trump. 

The guy behind this rather curios form of memetic warfare was one Kantbot, a famous Twitter troll who was later interviewed by Atlantic Magazine in a surprisingly ironic article on the Alt Right (the same article which mentioned Bronze Age Pervert). 

Yes, the fat guy in the clip above is Kantbot himself trolling some anti-Trump protesters in New York. Kantbot is otherwise best known for pretending to stalk Louise Mensch, for which he was temporarily banned from Twitter! His timeline combines un-ironic exegeses of Goethe with ironic promotion of fringe crypto-zoology. I find this intriguing, since my own blog does the exact opposite. I combine an ironic interest in Goethe with an un-ironic promotion of that other stuff. 

Perhaps I will also one day be interviewed by Atlantic Monthly. 

Ironically, of course. 

PS. I accidentally linked to the wrong clip, now it´s the right one. Chaos magic or what?


  1. This blog contains so much material that it´s impossible to go through all of it...

  2. What do you mean? I´ve went through it several times!

  3. Yeah, but that´s because you´re an unemployed kook. Some of us work for a living, you know.