Saturday, February 23, 2019

Behind the jade curtain

I noticed that "everyone", from George Soros to Swedish leftist daily Aftonbladet, has suddenly turned against China. In other words, they now stand with Donald Trump, who confronted China long ago, alongside a certain Darth Vader Bannon.

Don´t be too surprised if 1) They start attacking Trump for not being anti-Chinese enough 2) They start demanding a nuclear first strike on North Korea 3) They deny that they ever were pro-Chinese to begin with 4) They crucify one Mark Zuckerberg and use the anti-Chinese sentiment to further censor the web (just like in, ahem, China) 

Now, I´m not particularly pro-Chinese either. 

However, I have to say that the speed and the coordination of the anti-China turn is...interesting. Especially as it involves a speech by George Soros in Davos (or wherever the masters of the universe were summiting). 

What a pity this stunningly effective change of guard isn´t used to cope with other pressing problems faced by the West (and the world) lately. You know, climate change, mass migration, Islamist terrorism, non-Islamist drug cartels, the collapse of the housing bubble, American fast food...



  1. Funny detail. I recently bought a Huawei android phone, since my old phone wasn´t compatible with the Mobile Bank ID necessary to access Kivra, the new digital mail box used by 50+ Swedish government agencies. And now, they tell me I´m a traitor or something.

    The White-Jade confrontation could become really...interesting.

    If Huawei goes off line, I want my money back. From the fucking government. And I don´t mean the Jade Emperor...

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