Friday, October 19, 2018

Made in Manama

Another forgotten Amazon review. 

I have some of these! Not exactly a forgery, but not exactly “real” either. Manama is the name of Bahrain´s capital, but this is a *different* Manama, a small dependency of Ajman, one of the United Arab Emirates. Very small, actually. Essentially, Manama is just a village with an even smaller post office. (A photo of said post office can be found at Wiki. Or maybe a later one, since it looks pretty modern!) The enterprising philatelist Finbar Kenny (made in the USA) had struck a deal with Ajman and produced a large number of stamps for the collectors´ market with all the usual irrelevant motives showing European art, space travel, dinosaurs, winter sports and so on. Good for your private collection of borderline “cinderellas” (or was it “dunes”).

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