Saturday, October 27, 2018

No Nibiru

The Nibiru craze continues.

The new date for the arrival of Nibiru is November 2018 (November 28 to be exact), half of the Earth will be flooded, blah blah, Kashoggi was murdered because he knew too much, NASA has supposedly issued a Red Alert. Or wait, maybe it was October 31?  Or perhaps November 26 Russian local time? But wasn´t all this supposed to have happened already back in 2012???

OK, here is my prediction. One: NOTHING will happen on November 28, except maybe some new scandal involving a certain US president. Probably linked to Twitter, LOL. Maybe he will tweet about Nibiru? Two: the Nibiru true believers (half of whom are trolls and psy-ops people anyway) will set another date as if nothing happened. Perhaps June 2019 will do? Three: Nothing will happen then either.

We all still be here in 2032, the true year of the Great Apocalypse. You know, the one that will happen because we used too much fossil fuels...


  1. Oh, I cannot resist to be a little bit egocentric and say "I already said that in 2008". ;-) After a friend had told me how worried he was about Nibiru I checked about ten YouTube videis and realized it was all nonsense. I wrote a blog post about it. It is my most visited blog post ever. And a woman phoned me and asked me if I was really sure that Nibiru will never come. I told her I was totally sure, end then under a long time she phoned me once a month and I asked if I was REALLY that sure. And I always told her I was sure till she finally stoped phoning me.

  2. Yes, I know, I essentially "stole" the idea from you! ;-)

    This week, I´ve been checking up on the milieu around David Wilcock (the crazy guy who interviews Graham Hancock in my blog post "My new guru"), and one of the New Age channels he´s associated with, Corey Goode, got a lot of questions about Nibiru at a relatively recent meeting. Neither Wilcock nor Goode believes in Nibiru, as far as I can tell, and the women who asked Goode about it seemed annoyed by this fact!

    Then I checked YouTube and, sure enough, here we go again...

    I´m annoyed (if that´s the right word) that people don´t draw the conclusions about Nibiru not showing up in 2012. Sometimes, the clips are just insane, like a clip supposedly showing Nibiru in the sky *as two distinct objects*, eh, it´s one huge object according to urban legend...

    Some of our disciples will have to write another blog post about this in 2022 or so...

  3. My unproven conspiracy theory is that the "deep state" plants these crazy ideas into the public mind at a semi-regular basis as a kind of psy-ops or bizarre experiment. I don´t officially believe in this, and will of course deny that this posting even exists if somebody holds me accountable, ha ha, but there MUST be something to it!

    I mean, read "Project Beta" about the Bennewitz case, or "The UFO Phenomenon" by John Michael Greer. The military uses belief in UFOs as a smoke screen to hide their Stealth technology (not UFO-related) so why can´t they MANUFACTURE belief in UFOs, as well?

    I wouldn´t be surprised if NOTHING happens at Area 51, the whole thing is a false flag made in USAF, the real action is (of course) somewhere else, it could be in another country as far as we know.