Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Celtic Golden Dawn

An interesting YouTube clip featuring our favorite crazy Irishman, Thomas Sheridan, who here discusses the Irish magical traditions. 

He claims that the Golden Dawn in the UK was heavily influenced by Anglo-Irish magic which emerged during the Protestant Ascendancy (including W B Yeats). Most of the clip discusses ghost stories, fairies, cursing and other folkloristic beliefs. The fairy faith is still particularly strong in Ireland according to the content-creator. 

Sheridan believes that the demonic "leanan sídhe" are real. Not only that, he has seen these gorgeously beautiful scarlet women and claims to know where in Galway City they congregate!

Oookay... :D  


  1. A different perspective on the Leannán Sidhe:

  2. Another perspective on W B Yeats and the Anglo-Irish tradition.

  3. Yes, I took the Liberty of asking JMG about Yeats, since the latest version of the GD´s knowledge papers are edited by none other than JMG himself.