Saturday, August 3, 2019

Demonology of the Week (1): Meat servitors, golems and stuff

Our favorite dark side occultist Thomas Sheridan (or, as we call him, ´Oumuamua Guy) talks about some really scary shit concerning dead people walking again. We take no overt responsibility for any of the contents of this clip! 

From YouTube´s commentary section, Marcus Reeves writes:

"Servitors and Thoughforms creation was my practice for months and I will confirm exactly what Thomas is saying. There is a natural electrical link between thought projection and objects of focus. But I will warn you that this form of sorcery has a VERY big price to pay. This is not something to mess around with. You can suffer physical disease from improper control of your energetic body. I believe my diabetic diagnosis may have been jump started by my misuse of my astral body.

As well on thoughtforms, there is a reason why the mental and physical are separate. I had my own experiences where I lost control of thoughtforms and they were showing signs of manifesting in this reality. Oddly enough at the same time I was going through an episode of absolute madness. Words can not explain what I seen and felt. If anyone is interested I suggest doing research on Tulpas and energy systems used in Indian and Chinese wellness to get a CLEAR understanding of how energy works and is represented.

The Western traditions are lacking in the energy control department because majority of what is taught is mental manifestating spiritual. Something I learned the hard way. Lastly, this plays on what I heard in another video about watching where your attention, your charge goes. There are those in the world who can drain the very essence of your being by manipulating where your attention goes."

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