Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The death of Merlin

Not the best Indiana Jones film, but probably tolerable if you like the franchise. After tracking down the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt (of all places – I assumed it was kept under lock and key in Axum), Indy goes after the Holy Grail. Yes, kids, it´s "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". 

Instead of meditating on Rudolf Steiner's analyses of the esotericism of Parsifal, Dr Jones takes a more hands-on approach as he roams Italy, Germany and Turkey (or Hatay, if you like that better), beating up Nazis as he goes along. Eventually, he finds the grail in an ancient temple in the desert, where it has been guarded for 700 years by a immortal grail knight…

Somehow, the right Arthurian-Parsifalian-Christian feeling never materializes, but hey, it's an Indiana Jones flick. If they ever make a sequel to this one (and decide not to include ancient aliens), may I propose a chase after the Spear of Destiny to Rosslyn Chapel?

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