Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This would explain a lot of things

Greta Thunberg in Canada, 2019 version.

According to a sensational photo from 1898, Greta Thunberg is a time traveler from the Yukon. You read it here first! Didn´t I say that Greta must go to the Yukon to hunt the Waheela? Yes, I did, and now it turns out that she was a cryptid-hunter already 120 years ago! :D

Greta Thunberg time traveler

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

XR and regime change

No idea whether this is true or not, but it´s certainly intriguing. The small Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) in Britain attacks Extinction Rebellion (XR) *from the left*, accusing them (among other things) of ties to the United States and the Deep State. The RCG believes that XR is pushing for "regime change" in Venezuela and Bolivia! Note also the criticism of the Labour Party´s Green New Deal in the second article.

XR launches propaganda blitz against Evo Morales

Fighting climate change: Beware of false friends

More about XR (and Labour) here:

Imperialism and climate change

Monday, November 18, 2019

Odin´s promise

OK, this meme was funny. Why is Odin better than Jesus Christ? From an anon at YouTube.

"Jesus promised to rid the world of sin. We still have sin. Odin promised to rid the world of the ice giants. Seen any ice giants lately?"

Endgame, Neo-Pagans

Sorry, Neo-Pagans, it´s over. You´re "gods" are simply Brocken Spectres. See link below. Dissolve your groves, covens and catabombs, take a crash course in modern sociology, evolutionary theory or historical-critical research of Antiquity. Because you see, their gods weren´t real either. Next week: Fatima was a halo and Roswell was a weather balloon. Wanna bet? :P

Brocken Spectre

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Fy fan vad töntigt

Lämningar efter Thule-kulturen på Grönland (inuiter). Måste byta namn?

Fram med vintermusten, kamrater, efter att ha avskaffat namnen "negerfink" och "zigenarfågel" kan vi nu fira ännu en stor seger för socialismens krafter i världen: asteroiden Ultima Thule heter numera Arrokoth. OK, kamrater, nu måste jag sticka till Centerns landsmöte och förhandla lite nedskärningar med Annie Lööf, hejsan svejsan hoppsan!

Ultima Thule slipper nazistnamn

The Celtic Golden Dawn

An interesting YouTube clip featuring our favorite crazy Irishman, Thomas Sheridan, who here discusses the Irish magical traditions. 

He claims that the Golden Dawn in the UK was heavily influenced by Anglo-Irish magic which emerged during the Protestant Ascendancy (including W B Yeats). Most of the clip discusses ghost stories, fairies, cursing and other folkloristic beliefs. The fairy faith is still particularly strong in Ireland according to the content-creator. 

Sheridan believes that the demonic "leanan sídhe" are real. Not only that, he has seen these gorgeously beautiful scarlet women and claims to know where in Galway City they congregate!

Oookay... :D  

Strangest Swedish dialect, now on YouTube

I´m fascinated by the YouTube channel "I Love Languages". 

As far as I can tell, this really is Elfdalian, the strangest Swedish dialect, still spoken by a few people in Älvdalen in Dalarna (Dalecarlia). 

I can hereby confirm that it´s almost *completely* incomprehensible to speakers of standard Swedish. Indeed, some believe it should be regarded as a separate language. 

And if you ever get tired of listening to Elfdalian, "I Love Languages" also offers samples of Old Saxon, Faroese, Mingrelian, Classical Latin, Circassian and - wait for it - standard Swedish! 

Har MIR tagit över Nyheter Idag?

Ja, den här (i och för sig intressanta) artikeln om Chile stod att läsa på...högersajten Nyheter Idag?!

Polisstaten Chile och kriget om sanningen

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Seeing is believing

“Stora boken om naturfenomen” is a Swedish book by Clas Svahn, the former president of UFO-Sverige, one of the more skeptical UFO-logy groups. Svahn is currently a reporter working for Swedish daily paper Dagens Nyheter. After skimming this book, you might actually stop believing in UFOs, fairies and other supernatural phenomena. And then, maybe not…

Noctilucent clouds, haloes around the sun, rainbows caused by moon light, city lights reflected in the sky, enormous human shadows seen in the clouds, UFO-shaped clouds, St Elmo´s Fire…Svahn doesn´t even have to mention Venus or the inevitable barn owls to make the reader wonder twice about whether ETs from Roswell really dunnit. A gigantic jellyfish-like UFO captured on photo in 1974 turns out to be a vapor cloud. And so on!

Meanwhile, firmly on the ground, are all kinds of “fairy rings”, perfectly circular holes in the ice, or seemingly artificial structures made of snow, which all have a natural explanation. So do (we hope!) the bizarre sailing stones at Racetrack Playa in Death Valley.

What made me think twice about the debunking was the chapter on ball lightning. People see the fiery orbs all the time, some are even killed by them. Yet, scientists to a large extent *still deny that ball lightning is a real thing* cuz “impossible according to the laws of nature” or something. Svahn interviews a scientist who frankly tells him that nobody wants to research the phenomenon, since it seems implausible and you can´t base a scientific career on chasing something that might not even be real!


This reminds me of an unrelated topic I commented on previously: the recent discovery that lichens (which have been meticulously studied for generations) are *triple* organisms, not just double ditto. Funny how everyone can miss such a salient fact about an organism scientists are actually researching. Now imagine what they could possibly miss *if they aren´t even looking*.

“Stora boken om naturfenomen” is fascinating, but ironically, it made me even more sure that all kinds of really weird shit, some of it paranormal, still awaits to be discovered. Or rather awaits being acknowledged by the gate-keepers. Perhaps ball-lightning at the next CSICOP conference might do the trick? :D

Why Donald Trump broke the Blue Wall

Obama and Biden celebrating passing of Obamacare by Congress

I know I´m beating a dead horse here, but in case somebody still believes that Obamacare was good for working people, please read this *left-wing* criticism of the Affordable Care Act, published in 2014 at the US Socialist Worker website. One of the reasons why Trump won in several "blue states" in 2016 was his attack on Obamacare. Faced with only two options (taxation without health coverage and no taxation without health coverage), many workers opted for the second one...