Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hue and cry over the Turkish invasion

Our dear leaders (and their media pundit hangers-on) are very worried about ISIS terrorists escaping from the Kurdish prisons in northern Syria and somehow getting back to Europe.


It was no problem last time around. When ISIS actually attacked civilian targets in Europe, our leaders and their media pundit hangers-on bravely told us to do...nothing. Cuz Islamophobia. Or something.

They also told us to give welfare payments and jobs to returning ISIS "fighters". So why are they suddenly so afraid now? 

Note also that these people really want to overthrow Assad in favor of Al-Qaeda (i.e. an organization only slightly more civilized than ISIS). Their support for a Communist Kurdish guerilla in northern Syria feels a bit forced...

Also, our dear leaders and pundits are very angry at Erdogan for threatening to send 3 million refugees to the European Union. But why is *that* suddenly a problem? They didn´t have any trouble giving asylum to the 3 million Erdogan, Iran and Afghanistan sent five years ago!

I think I know what´s really going on here. Look at the pic above and draw your own conclusions. Clue: Yes, they simply want to embarass Donald Trump, neither more nor less. 

The world they really want is a open border dystopia with terrorists killing our children, lower taxes for the rich and the corporations, "green austerity" and higher taxes for the rest of us, and a caliphate in Syria living off American blood money. 

I´ve seen through your filthy lies, dear leaders and pundits, and if you think I´m going to vote for any of your false candidates in any future election...think again! 

Hell, I might even riot. 


  1. Dina närmast automatiska reflexer så fort du misstänker nån form av motvilja mot Trump är nu så tydliga att jag med spänning väntar på att du till sist ska "komma ut" - som anhängare till Qanon-teorin. ;-)

  2. Operation Yellowhammer has been launched. Prepare for impact in eleven days. You have been given fair warning!


  3. Pachamama and Greta Thunberg must unite and destroy Brasilia in Bronze Age fire, metropolis of evil modernist Bolsonaro who is attacking sacred Amazon forest! RT if you agree.

  4. Is Pachamama, Our Lady of the Amazon and Greta Thunberg the same entity?